ExceptionsVersion: 9.5

Exceptions returned by the ABN Lookup web services fall into a number of categories:

  • http errors such as:
    • Page not found (404)
    • Internal server error (500)
  • Application errors such as:
    • Invalid ABN number
    • No records found
    • Timeout
    • Too many records found
    • Unrecognised user

If an Application error occurs, the payload will contain an exception consisting of an exceptionCode and an exceptionDescription. Codes and descriptions that may be returned include:

Exception Codes and Descriptions
Code Description examples
Search No records found
Search Search Timeout - Too many records match your criteria to complete the search in a timely
WEBSERVICES An ABN is invalid in Name Search
WEBSERVICES An ASIC number is invalid in Name Search
WEBSERVICES An ABN is invalid in ACN Search
WEBSERVICES An ACN is invalid in ABN Search
WEBSERVICES The GUID entered is not recognised as a Registered Party
WEBSERVICES The Include History flag must be 'Y' or 'N'
WEBSERVICES No name search criteria entered.
WEBSERVICES Invalid request including explanation about which element is in error

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